We can make every event floral!

The importance of flowers and floral arrangements in life should not be underestimated. The meaning of flowers is often social.
With flowers, we can make events more festive, memorable, unique.

Flowers are with us on sunny days as well as during sad moments. We will try to make these special and important events more beautiful with our professional skills.

We offer different floral arrangements and decorations from the masters of this field.

Peony, peonies


Bouquets for birthdays, congratulations, anniversaries  and

to say ‘thank you’

Birth of a child

Bouquet for a mother and child

Christening party

Table decorations

Church decorations

Bouquets for congratulating someone

Festive receptions

Table bouquets

Room decorations

Floral decorations

Stage decorations


Wedding flowers

Bridal bouquets


Head wreaths

Bridal wreaths

Bridesmaid’s bouquets

Car decorations

Church decorations

Party decorations

Table bouquets

Bouquets for a bridal couple

Saku Mois


Mourning bouquets


Coffin decorations

Urn decorations

Funeral banquet bouquets

Bouquets for sending your condolences

Memorial bouquets and wreaths


Christmas flower arrangements

Bouquets, flower arrangements and

wreaths for the anniversary of the country

Valentine’s Day flower arrangements

Women’s Day flower arrangements

Mother’s Day flower arrangements

Bouquets for graduates

Bouquets for teachers

Bouquets for fathers

Priit Press-Anniversaries