The amazing power of flowers

They are with us in our days of joy as well as during sad moments.

Flowers accompany us when there is nothing left, or when we have everything we have ever wanted.

Flowers help to make events elegant and memorable.

Our professional skills help to make your memorable event even more beautiful. You can order different flower arrangements from us.

Wedding - rings


There is no wedding without flowers or rings. Be the wedding big or small, flowers have always been part of a wedding to create both, beauty and mood and to make a wedding celebration festive.

Sometimes, when the bridal couple has decided to have the party just for the two of them, it is only the bride’s bouquet other times, you can see flower arrangements everywhere during a wedding reception on tables, as room decoration, as decorations in the church, as decorations on the car, both big and small venues can be dressed up with flowers.

Our professional skills and long-term experience help to make your life more beautiful on that big and important day. With our help, you can make your wedding unforgettable and memorable for the rest of your life. We help however we can.


Through flowers, we can pay our final respects and say our goodbye to the deceased.

Be the bouquet big or small, funerals and wakes have always been accompanied by flowers. The most common pieces for mourning are funeral bouquets, wreaths, bouquets to express sympathy, table arrangements for the wake, flowers for the casket, etc.

We have long-time experience with funeral flowers and can manage even the most difficult funeral arrangements.

Funeral flowers
For business clients


If you would like to turn an ordinary negotiation or meeting into a festive event, the magic word is flowers.

Be it thank-you bouquets to performers or presenters, room decorations, stage design, or floral table arrangement.

You are thinking about making your office nicer and cosier. How about a fresh weekly flower arrangement or a bouquet to decorate the office and welcome your clients and partners?

As an alternative, we can offer different blossoming house plants.

The world of flowers is limitless, after all.
Flowers can always surprise you.
There are never too many flowers.
We can help!

This month’s favourites

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Come to our oasis of flowers on Tatari street, whether it be summer or winter, fall or spring.

The beauty of flowers can be enjoyed all through the year. You do not have to worry if you do not have a vase for a flower or bouquet – we can deal with this tiny problem as we have many vases for single flowers as well as bouquets. You do not have to worry if you do not have a vase for a flower or bouquet – we can deal with this tiny problem as we have many vases for single flowers as well as bouquets.

You should browse through different scented candles, sparkling French Crémant wines and wines from Alsace; in the sweets department, we have white and dark chocolate from Chocolala. Younger guests are surprised by our teddy bears. For writing your well-wishes, we have special cards – you can only buy them at our place.

Our goals are a professional approach, precision, and the desire to surprise our clients with the newest flowers and varieties.

We want to offer unforgettable moments and new, wonderful emotions through flowers.